Your Guide To Using A Bail Bond After A DUI Arrest

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If you're arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, it's common for the judge to set your bail. You can either post your bail by paying the full amount or by using a bail bond company. Should you use a bail bond business, you'll only need to pay a percentage of your bail (usually 10 percent) and the company will handle the rest. Here are a few things you need to know about using a bail bond after your arrest for a DUI. 

You May Want to Be Strategic About When You Use Your Bail Bond

Once you're arrested and in jail, it takes time for the court to set your bail. Depending on how long this process takes, you may want to wait a bit before using a bail bond to get out of jail. Here's why.

Any time you spend in jail before you use a bail bond will count towards your jail sentence. Some more severe DUI offenses and repeat DUI convictions even require a jail sentence. The time you spend in jail from your arrest until you post bail will count towards your jail sentence.

However, if you leave jail before the day is over, you'll lose a day towards your time. So, if you're only a few hours away from accumulating another day to use towards your potential jail sentence, it may make sense to wait to post your bond. 

There May Be Conditions Attached to Your Bail Bond

Many courts attach conditions to bail for individuals arrested on suspicion of DUI. The company that you use to post your bail bond may also have conditions attached to posting your bail. Make sure that you're prepared to fulfill the conditions associated with your release, or you may find your bail or bail bond revoked. 

For example, some courts require DUI arrestees to submit to weekly drug tests. Should you miss or fail a test, the judge can revoke your bail. Your bail bond company will expect you to satisfy the conditions of your bail as well as any conditions associated with your bail bond agreement. 

Set Aside Some Money for Your Bail Bond Fee and Court Expenses

Though a bail bond reduces the amount of cash you have to come up with to get out of jail, you'll need to prepare to pay a percent of your bail amount as a fee for the bail bond services. Your court may also require you to pay the costs associated with some of the terms of your release. If you're required to outfit your car with a breathalyzer device, you'll be responsible for covering the cost of the equipment.

For more information about using a bail bond agency to post bail, contact a local agent or check out this webpage.